mercredi 31 octobre 2007

I chose to be Seth
The summer is over and I’ m the only one of my friends staying at Newport Beach. My girlfriend, Summer, is at the university. My best friend Ryan works in a bar and he lives in the back store of this bar. Taylor is in Paris, France. My friend Marrissa died last years in a car accident. So I’m alone and I want my friend Ryan to come back home because I know he’s not feeling good. He thinks the Cohen family was better without him. But it’s not true! During this time I have my comic books store with two friends. I call Summer everyday and each time I have to leave her a message because she’s very busy. Last night Ryan was supposed to come eat at home to reassure my parents that he was fine, but he didn't show up. My parents were very anxious because Ryan didn't call. I went to look for him and he was hurt. He had preferred get into a boxing match instead of eating with us and he lost. He told me to leave him alone so I went away. In the morning I went to my store and Summer was waiting for me. I was very happy. She was going to see Ryan and she came back with him. He saw the comic book that I made for him and he understood that we need him because he saved our lives. Ryan’s back home.

mardi 18 septembre 2007

episode 5

This time I watched the 5th episode.

At the end of last episode, Luke went to the hospital because of a gunshot he received in his arm. The fifth episode begins with his exit of the hospital. It was Caleb’s birthday and Kyrsten had organised a big party for her dad. Caleb brought his new and young girlfriend, Gabrielle. She’s 24 years old. Ryan and Seth talked with her and she persuaded them to invited Marissa and Summer at the party. When Ryan went to see Marrissa to invite her he saw Luke, Marissa’s ex boyfriend. After all, Ryan decided not to invite her. Summer asked Seth if she can go at the party with him. Seth was really happy. At the party Seth was disappointed because Summer used him to introduce herself to the young business men. He talked to her and he recited the poem that she wrote in elementary school. She was really impressed and kissed him. Ryan kissed Gabrielle, Caleb’s girlfriend and Marrissa saw this. She was very sad and she went to see Luke and they left to his place. When Marrissa came back at her home Ryan came to her and she answered « you’re too late ».

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

first episode

I chose this t.v programme because I watched all the season this summer on DVD and I really liked it. This t.v programme was the O.C it was very easy to understand and I can read the subtitle in French or English, if I dont understand.

First the story was at Newport Beach California. It's a dream place, the sun shines every day!
You have Ryan a bad guy from Chino. He steals cars with his brother and he spends the night in jail, in the morning he meets Sandy Cohen his lawyer. When Ryan comes back home his mom kicks him out because she's very angry. After calls all of his friends without success Ryan decides to call his lawyer. Sandy brings Ryan to his home for the week end, at Newport Beach. At this place Ryan meet Kyrsten Sandy's wife, she’s not very happy by Sandy’s decision. Seth the son of Kyrsten and Sandy, Marrissa the neigbour and Summer the girls who Seth was in love since elementary school. After the week end Kyrsten asks Sandy to bring Ryan home. When he open the door his mom has left and she just wrote him a letter. Sandy brings back Ryan to his home and the first hours was done.

jeudi 30 août 2007